Lead Work Training Package


Let’s face it, having your dog pull you from bin to lampost is never apart of the plan… we all dream of lovely, long, walks with a dog that trots beside us loyally. In fact half of our clients admit that they would walk the dog more often if they just stopped pulling on the lead! Let our trainers do the hard work for 4 days and teach your dog a cue for loose lead walking. Then we will hand you a dog who can relax on lead and teach you how to keep up on the good work with them!


What you’ll get:

  • 4 days of 1 hour walks with just your dog and the trainer
  • 2 days of 1 hour handover walks with you and the trainer

Please note: This is a training package and is not designed to address behavioural issues when on walks. If you know your dog suffers from reactivity or is fearful of particular triggers you may need support from one of our behaviourists in addition to this package.

Valid for 1 year from the booking date, just give us a call on 07837 377273 to book your slot once you’ve paid. This package is designed around 6 consecutive days of training. Not sure if we cover your area? Take a look at our travel map, there will be a small additional petrol fee if we’re travelling further afield in the midlands. We are happy to travel the extra miles to train any dog, but there may be a better way to do it so please give us a call on 07837 377273 before booking.