Need to pawfect a particular skill? You can now pick a 1-2-1 training bundle!

  • Does your dog go bonkers at the doorbell? Do they bounce all over everyone both in and out of the house? Well then this package is for you! At the end of this training your dog will relax when guests come round, wait in bed for you to open the front door while you invite a guest in and wait for you to tell them they can come say hello! Perfect for new rescues, puppies and pampered pooches alike. It makes Pawfect Dogsense to us!
  • Let's face it, having your dog pull you from bin to lampost is never apart of the plan... we all dream of lovely, long, walks with a dog that trots beside us loyally. In fact half of our clients admit that they would walk the dog more often if they just stopped pulling on the lead! Let our trainers do the hard work for 4 days and teach your dog a cue for loose lead walking. Then we will hand you a dog who can relax on lead and teach you how to keep up on the good work with them!
  • Our winning combination of practical 1-2-1 training at home and in the Park! Learn how life at home affects training outside, master loose lead walking, recall and greetings.