About us

“I love my job. I am a patient and positive problem solver for owners with baffled dogs. I get to travel somewhere new everyday, meet and work with hundreds of dogs and owners every year who value my advice and thank me for my skills. I also get to watch my clients developing beautiful relationships based on force free scientifically sound learning theory. And best of all I get paid to improve the lives of dogs!” Hannah – MD Pawfect Dogsense

The Pawfect Dogsense brand has gone from strength to strength since we started trading in 2012, we won best presentation at the 1st International Animal Training Conference, had a year an a half of residency as BBC Radio WM’s dog agony aunt, we’ve run a weekly non competitive dog training club for the last 4 years, and written a TV show we are waiting to get commissioned. And if that weren’t enough we get beeped and waved at as we drive past the thousands of dogs and clients we’ve trained over the years! We are now ready to expand our business and take on new dog training staff and private behavioural advisors. New training and behaviour enquiries come in every day while many of our past clients request additional sessions for years after we meet them. If you have lots of training experience but are struggling with business start up or have spent a few years as a lone wolf and now want to join a training company dedicated to spreading the word of dog, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Pawfect D