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The Dog Education Project

The Dog Education Project is the beginning of a whole new story for dogs.

Rescue organisations spend millions of pounds every year re-homing dogs that have suffered from a simple lack of human education and training.

We believe education about dog behaviour and training should be free, fun and easily accessible for all.

A dogs welfare shouldn’t depend on how much money is in their owners pocket and in a few short years of education we can change the fate of a whole nation of dog owners.

We are going to empower present and future dog owners with free training sessions and workshops in the heart of their public parks. Dog ownership can be delicious if you know how to:

  • Buy and train puppies from an early age
  • Avoid puppy farmers and identify poorly reared pups
  • Read and understand dog body language
  • Use pain free positive training techniques in training & rescue rehab
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We will help…

By teaching humans to:

  • Understand a dogs basic behavioural and training needs
  • To read dog body language and spot fear signals without needing to escalate to aggression
  • Avoid puppy farms and spot the signs of an abused upbringing
  • Train puppies with force free methods as soon as they get home

Dogs will get:

  • Longer happier lives filled with purpose and respect
  • More freedom to spend time off lead and under control
  • Chances to learn how to do life saving work with owners such as medical detection and assistance work at home
  • Reduced risk of abandonment and euthanasia as adolescents  

Pet Shops can get

  • Free resources to give to customers to facilitate an education hub in store
  • Free staff training to increase the knowledge and advice they can give to customers thereby improving the retail experience and national animal welfare
  • Free Buying advice to increase access and training about brain games and boredom busters plus reducing consumer access to painful, harsh or anxiety stimulating training equipment currently widely available
  • Better trained pets in store and the knowledge that you have significantly invested in future generations of well loved pet dogs

Dog walkers, Sitters & Day Care’s can get:

  • Free workshops and seminars on handling and dog-dog management to improve staff training
  • Healthier happier dogs that have been carefully bought, trained at the right age to recall and walk calmly on a lead and well socialized to traffic children and other dogs.

Dog owners will get:

  • Free practical training session in their local area, equipment and training booklet & free behaviour workshop. Potential for ongoing training sponsorship   
  • A deeper understanding of their dogs behaviour, body language and minimum mental health care requirements
  • Education to help avoid puppy farmed pups and unscrupulous breeders
  • ‘Prove your Price’ Scheme for breeders to encourage pre sale socialization to noise, touch, toilet training and handling by men and children
  • A reduction of unsocialised, reactive nervous or aggressive dogs in public parks
  • Increased confidence in handling, training and awareness of dog behaviour
  • A reduction in bite incidents due to mis-management or harsh training practice
  • Support to raise the bar on standards of pet dog training to help pet dogs become home assistance or medical awareness dogs nationwide   

Groomers will get

  • Well educated dog owners that train their dogs to wait in groom positions so grooming can be relaxing and stress free
  • Fewer puppies bought from puppy farms that have to be muzzled or tied up to be groomed
  • Happier dogs and happier owners!     
Dogs in Training!

Dog Trainers will get;

  • More owners searching for force free classes
  • Fewer puppy farmed pups in classes with life long learning difficulties
  • Confident calm owners that have researched their breed well and understand its behavioural needs
  • Quicker progression through obedience levels and an increased demand for specialist training programs such as scent work and assistance training

Vets will get:

  • Dogs that have been trained to be handled!
  • A reduction in stressful handling protocol and reduced use of muzzles, toweling and sedatives for examinations
  • A reduction in incidences of life long treatment for stress related disease
  • Fewer puppy farmed dogs with heart breaking medical issues,
  • Fewer dog on dog incidences and reduction in emergency procedures for resource swallowing
  • Well educated breeders breeding quality litters
  • More time to teach owners about preventative care and nutrition

Rescue centers will get:

  • Fewer dogs being abandoned!
  • Free workshops and training booklets for staff
  • Better educated adoptees that have access to the skills they need to keep dogs in homes for life and manage rehabilitation in the home
  • Fewer puppy farmed pups being bought and sold
  • Support and advice to evolve from rescue into community supported rehab centers
Kids and Dogs - living happily together

Parents will get:

  • Better education resources and workshops for children to build positive experiences around well trained dogs.
  • Campaigns that focus on respect and care for all animals rather than fear and phobia training.
  • A generation of children empowered by the knowledge they need to protect animals rights in the future and maintain a conservation plan for domestic dogs.

Cat lovers will get:

  • Better trained calmer dogs that can be taught to respectfully socialize with cats.
  • Owners that give their dogs other things to chase everyday so cats can be friends, not food.
  • Better trained cats as much of the house training, clicker training and boundary work exercises can easily be applied to them too!

Non-dog people will get:

  • Well trained owners with well trained dogs under control.
  • Neighbors dogs that bark at real threats and go quiet when they’re told to.
  • Calmer owners that don’t treat their dogs like spoilt children and expect you to do the same!

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More About the Company:

For 7 years Pawfect Dogsense have worked tirelessly providing training classes, workshops and private training for dogs, owners and pet professionals in the Midlands. The MD Hannah Molloy holds a BSc honours degree in Animal Behaviour, is a published author in the Journal for Applied Animal Behaviour and was awarded ‘Best Presentation’ at the 1st International Animal Training Conference for her work on ‘Dog Body Language Myths and Mirroring’. An ex Dogs Trust training and behavioural advisor, Pets as Therapy temperament assessor and speaker for the charity Medical Detection Dogs, Hannah started a training and education company in 2011 specialising in body language and force free training. Pawfect Dogsense has now turned into a non profit CIC to lead by example and pave the way for a free dog education revolution.

Love pets, Not profits.  

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