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Meet the Pawfect Dogsense Team

About Hannah Molloy – MD of Pawfect Dogsense

hannah bio

Hannah is our head behavioural specialist and the managing director of Pawfect Dogsense. With a BSc Honors degree in Animal Behaviour she has been studying and working with dogs for over 15 years. She has worked as a training and behavioural advisor for Dogs Trust and also appeared on BBC Radio WM as their resident dog geek, dishing out advice on air about all manner of doggy problems.  Hannah won the award for best presentation at the first International Animal Training Conference for her talk ‘Dog body language: Myths and Mirroring’ in 2013 and has gone on to design many other education streams and workshops ever since. She’s a registered temperament assessor for the charity Pets As Therapy and also co-ordinates fundraising activities and talks about the charity Medical Detection Dogs in her spare time. Her areas of special interest are dog body language, cultural attitudes to dog ownership, & the human and canine bond.

‘Dogs are amazing. I could have worked with any species but after graduating I came across the research published by Medical Detection Dogs that proved dogs can reliably detect cancer with their noses..  before any human test could show it was present!! This research only happened because hundreds of people were claiming their dog had detected their own cancer without being trained to do it. That was it for me.. the stark realisation that dogs have been walking with us for so many thousands of years, their sensitivity allows them to detect human disease!!  But it wasn’t just that, for this research to have happened 2 other factors are at play.. 1. The dog felt it could communicate this info to its owner… and 2. The owners were sensitive enough to listen to their dogs!! AMAZING!!

And yet.. what we ‘know’ about dogs culturally is so confused that dog welfare is still a huge problem across the world. Trainers still insist on teaching heavy handed tactics to create or punish normal behaviour and new dog owners are squashed and baffled by all the conflicting advice they hear in our industry.

So we stand up for dogs as a species. We teach owners to read their body language and sift through the cultural knowledge we have about dogs, separating fact from fiction. Dogs have evolved with us, they are willing workers, companions and friends and the time is now to give them the respect and patience they deserve.

Our mission is to open the eyes of every owner.. and teach them to speak dog!’

Kayleigh – Pawfect Behaviourist


Kayleigh is one of our force free dog behaviourists and runs puppy & beginner clicker training classes alongside providing private 1-2-1 consultations. Having trained her own dog with Hannahs help over 3 years ago, Kayleigh took to canine education like a duck to water. She gained a distinction in her Canine Behaviour Training Course with the Centre of Excellence and has recently completed her Diploma in Canine Communication whilst working full time as a trainer and walker. Kayleigh specialises in clicker training and puppy socialisation and she’s trained her own dog Archie to earn his keep by loading and unloading the washing machine. And when he’s not hard at the housework he takes his skateboard out for a ride too!

Jane – Pawfect Behaviourist

Jane’s natural affinity with dogs and people alike is joy to watch and we are very lucky to have her as a member of the Pawfect Dogsense Team! She’s currently completing her Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and she specialises in nervous and rescue dogs. Jane runs our Puppy & Beginners group classes and provides 1-2-1 behavioural consultations at home. Jane has two dogs of her own and is often spotted mooching in the woods with  the bouncy Hanzo & relaxed Rex!

Michelle – Pawfect Behaviourist

Michelle studied Animal Behaviour alongside our MD, Hannah Molloy at Aberystwyth University. Until recently Michelle has been working for the RSPB but has decided to return to Canine Behaviour with a leap into Pawfect Dogsense CIC in 2018. We are very pleased that Michelle has decided to join us in Birmingham this summer before heading out South Wales to head up Pawfect Dogsense CIC Newport! Michelle specialises in training rescue dogs and has a real soft spot for bull breeds in particular.

Chloe – Operations Manager at Pawfect Dogsense HQ

Chloe is the powerhouse of Pawfect Dogsense working tirelessly in the office managing the diary, arranging consultations, talking to clients and keeping track of our social media streams and website. She can often be found smoothing the long ears of her basset hound Molly or distracting her rescue beagle Cassie away from her favourite game ‘opening the fridge’! Chloe has seen Pawfect Dogsense grow over the last 7 years and has helped with puppy classes, marketing missions, fundraisers and provided stooge assistance for dogs with reactive clients.
There is no end to the talents of Hannah’s patient and positive PA.