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Welcome to the world of Pawfect Dogsense C.I.C

We love to simplify the science of Dog Training & Behaviour giving dog owners old and new a fresh glimpse of the world through their dogs eyes, building trusting reliable relationships with animals by using positive reinforcement training methods to produce pawfect results.

Be it dog or human we are all individuals with different priorities and lifestyles, likes and dislikes. Pawfect Dogsense C.I.C tailor our teaching approach to your learning style, producing truly individual training packages and services with the newest training techniques solidly grounded in behavioural science.

Our passion has been bred over years of study into the ever evolving relationship between man and his best friend. Dogs have walked alongside us for tens of thousands of years, quietly finding ways to help us hunt and gather. We share our warm space and food in return for their love, help and protection.

Your dog can hear you approaching from miles away, read your facial expression at a glance and smell when you’re happy or sad, sick or scared. How?! They’ve been watching and learning for a long long time..

But how much do we really know about dog behaviour?
How can we be sure a dog is friendly?
Does a wagging tail really mean a dog is happy?

Most importantly… How can we easily teach dogs about our world and train a happy, loving pet dog?

Get in contact and lets dig a little deeper, fetch the answers and bury those myths..

Hannah Molloy Bsc Hons Animal Behaviour 

Company Director & Canine Behaviourist on Channel 4’s Puppy School

Hannah Molloy - MD of Pawfect Dogsense CIC as seen on Channel 4's Puppy School

“It makes Pawfect Dogsense to us!”

What we offer

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So delighted with Pawfect Dogsense – It has made us feel so much more confident to be responsible dog owners and also to allow Nina to get the most out of life.

Rosie & Nina - Kings Heath

Brilliant trainers! Worked wonders on our puppy. Great team who work with your own personal requirements to your dog. Would definitely recommend to others. A big thanks to Hannah and the team from Luna and mummies! xx

Hannah & Luna

Thank you so much for all your help with Simba, you have given me back my confidence and I shall carry on his training. I have no doubt before long he will be the perfect dog! I hope you can help many more dogs and their owners.

Annika & Simba - Sparkhill

As a family we have really enjoyed our training sessions. Hannah has given my son training to be the sole trainer of our puppy. He is 9 years old and has managed to train his dog to skateboard and he loves to show his friends all the tricks and basic training he has learned. We can highly recommend Pawfect Dogsense

Michelle - Solihull

Brilliant trainers, everything is now making absolute sense. Lovely outdoor training facility, small groups. I’d highly recommend them. Thank you

Elaine & Hudson - Northfield

I live 2hrs 15 mins away, visiting friends I would come to this training again even if not visiting friends.

Jackie & Izzy

A fantastic and enthusiastic training course. Hannah is very knowledgeable and has a fantastic relationship with dogs. Bella has really improved and is now perfect at walking on a lead. I am looking forward to continue working at tricks with Bella

Emma & Bella - Yardley Wood
Waggy Home Dog Hannah Molloy Pawfect Dogsense CIC

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